In order to carry out all the projects that Kiwanis is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to join one or more committees.

Name Chairs Description
Board of Directors
Image - Agriculture & Conservation Burt, Steve
Ivey, Eric
This committee develops public support for conservation of our natural resources and promotes the benefits of agriculture. The committee reports as needed to record its activities.
Image - History & Honor Baxter, Darlene
This committee seeks to preserve and showcase the history of our club while honoring members for their legacy of service. Subcommittees include Hixson Award and 100th Celebration Committees.
Image - Human & Spiritual Values Sneed, Montee
This committee is responsible for organizing activities to encourage human and spiritual over material values of life. Sub-committees include National Day of Prayer and Music
Image - Publicity & Club Communication Sneed, Thomas
This committee works to establish a publicity plan working with local media, newsletter, and other technology to promote the work of Kiwanis in the community.
Impact - Scouts Holloway, Bobby
This committee works to support the activities of Boy Scout Troop 111, sponsored by our club.
Impact - Service Leadership Program Fulbright, Michael A
The Service Leadership Program Committee works with the Builders Clubs and Key Clubs in the community to develop young leaders to serve the community.
Impact - Service Project Development Heffington, Julie C
This committee evaluates community needs and develops a plan for our club to perform service projects each quarter.
Impact - Young Children Priority One Hall, Suzanne
The Young Children Priority One Committee oversees programs and activities to reach children under age six.
Impact - Youth Development Gibbons, Angela
This committee is charged with developing ways to assist young people with achieving success in education, social skills, and character development. This committee files a report each month.
Inspiration - Club Governance Mounger, Dalton
This committee reviews all proposed actions related to by-laws and makes recommendations to the Board. Subcommittees include Nominations.
Inspiration - K Club Connection Parks, David
This committee develops a plan to visit and fellowship with other Kiwanis Clubs. Subcommittees include New Club Building/Satellite Clubs
Inspiration - Membership & Engagement Martin, Greg
This committee works to engage and encourage the Kiwanis membership. Subcommittees include Attendance and Quarterback and Sunshine Committees.
Inspiration - Programs Sanders, Ben
This committee organizes exciting and educational programs for Kiwanis meetings. Subcommittees include the House Committee.
Investment - Chili Cook-Off McCall, Kelley
This committee plans and promotes the annual Kiwanis Club signature event, which serves as our largest fundraiser.
Investment - Football Parking Sellers, Ron
This committee works with Columbia Central High School for the planning and organization of parking at Maury County Park during football season.
Investment - Fundraising - Golf Tournament Goatz, Charlie
This committee is a subcommittee of the Fundraising - Project Development Committee. It is responsible for the planning, organization, and execution of the annual Golf Tournament.
Investment - Fundraising - Project Development This committee oversees fundraising activities for the club to evaluate and recommend the best options. Subcommittees include Boston Butt and Golf Tournament Committees.
Investment - Mule Day Burt, Lucas
This committee is responsible for the planning and execution of all activities related to working the Mule Day event.
Investment - Yard Sale Bennett, Lisa
This committee is responsible for the planning and conducting of the annual Kiwanis Yard Sale, to benefit Maury County Imagination Library.